Mita Kokusai Building

Tokyo, Japan
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Mita Kokusai Building

Tokyo, Japan

About Us

Charles van Deursen is an independent, research and performance driven, active asset management firm servicing private and institutional clients across the globe.

Charles van Deursen was established around the mission of delivering the highest degree of asset management services to a wide range of international investors. We design portfolios that are founded on bottom-up stock selection, in-depth research, macro-economic outlook and risk management. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our extensive range of clients and earning their trust by means of delivering alpha across a wide spectrum of asset classes and strategies.

In order to deliver the best investment and asset management services available, Charles van Deursen has concentrated on strengthening our relationships with our clients by:

  • Comprehending their objectives and how they feel about their capital;
  • Offering expert advice for significant financial affairs, or devising an appropriate plan for a singular financial issue;
  • Presenting clients with the financial requirements of funding their objectives;
  • Personalizing investment portfolios according to a client’s goals and risk tolerance;
  • Regularly detailing the performance of investors’ portfolios;
  • Explaining in a transparent and precise manner the services that we offer, ranging from investments, to costs and financial plans.
Before beginning the investment process we work alongside our clients to design a personalized investment plan, delineating their most significant financial concerns, tolerance to risk and the preferred time span. This enables us to design the appropriate plan that will satisfy our clients’ financial aspirations.
Charles van Deursen’s strategies are carried out in a consistent and disciplined manner, benefiting from and leveraging an accumulated experience of more than 180 years within the financial services industry amongst its members. The performance of each investment that we operate is established on a dependable and time-tested approach and supported by the broad experience of our team of financial specialists.