Mita Kokusai Building

Tokyo, Japan
If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!

Mita Kokusai Building

Tokyo, Japan


Charles van Deursen’s clients that have enjoyed success on the financial markets understand that the process is not merely just a numbers game and that is exactly why they turn to us.

Investors require solid information in order to underpin their decision making: asset category dimensions, communicational strategies, partition, shares, prognosis, etc.

Investors are also interested in the future of the financial markets and want to know what is coming next. They want to know who the innovators are, what is being launched, who is taking advantage of opportunities and how they keep in touch.

Likewise investors need to understand likeminded individuals as consumers of financial services, comprehending their requirements, habits, what they change in their investments and portfolios and what determined said change.

At its core market research is basically a comprehensive analysis of how the markets run, incorporating the study of individual businesses, organizations, governments and their associated financial bodies. Beginning with a macro-economic perspective, we examine underlying segments of the market as well as the trends and opportunities that can deliver increased profits.

Our team of research specialists and market analysts are well versed in understanding the facts and the figures offered by the global financial markets on a daily basis, they know what innovations are promising, which trends are most likely to succeed, consumer choices and the forces that affect them.

At Charles van Deursen we leverage the knowledge of our research team to design ingenious and actionable insights that our investors can use in order to develop their strategies, plans and reach their objectives.