Mita Kokusai Building

Tokyo, Japan
If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!

Mita Kokusai Building

Tokyo, Japan


As the global financial markets become increasingly intricate, volatile and driven by a constant barrage of news and information, our advantage lies in the extensive talents of our financial specialists, armed with the necessary knowledge and abilities to make sense of market dynamics and uncover the most valuable opportunities within a constantly developing asset management industry.

Charles van Deursen provides a suite of investment capabilities across capitalizations, investment styles and geographic regions. Our product development is heavily concentrated on distinguishing between alpha and beta and delivering consistent alpha. In the case of specific requirements, our in-house approach promotes a culture of collaboration with our investors in order to design particular solutions customized according to their needs and financial ambitions.

With every new client comes a new challenge, and with every unique challenge comes an opportunity. At Charles van Deursen we employ a disciplined methodology to assist our clients with understanding the most efficient manner of building and managing their investment portfolios. With this goal in mind we begin by analyzing four essential aspects of investing over the long-term:

In order to accomplish an objective first it must be articulated and quantified, and only then action can be taken. Working together, we design a tailored investment strategy that mirrors a client’s objectives, risk tolerance, time span and the flow of capital needed over time. Our investment strategies are also “past tested”, which means that a client can examine how the strategy would have performed in prior years; not only that but by means of separate simulations and performance models we can illustrate to our clients how the plan is anticipated to support and deliver on its stated objective.

At Charles van Deursen we employ a disciplined approach towards supervising the performance of an investment and the process of rebalancing a client’s portfolio. We do this by adopting a long-term outlook and avoiding short-term trends. In the event that a client’s situation changes we reevaluate the portfolio so that it includes and reflects the new objectives and priorities.

An investment portfolio is only one aspect of the entire investment process; we also provide methods of mitigating tax liabilities and protect your financial future from unexpected events and situations.

Appropriate planning for the allocation of one’s investments represents the full-circle nature of the entire process; delivering on our client’s objectives by making sure assets are available at the suitable time and in the most advantageous way.