Mita Kokusai Building

Tokyo, Japan
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Mita Kokusai Building

Tokyo, Japan


Evaluation of objectives and targets


The first step of the process is a general evaluation of an investor’s assets, objectives and targets. Charles van Deursen’s specialized portfolio managers work together with our clients (be they individual investors, institutional investors or otherwise) to fully comprehend and accommodate their specific requirements and situations.

Asset Allocation


The foremost driver of a portfolio’s performance is represented by optimal asset allocation, which defines the blend of different securities within a given portfolio and further categorizing them into sub-classes such as development potential vs. intrinsic value. We design practical investment and asset allocation strategies that reflect an investor’s objectives, profit requirements, time span and tolerance to risk.



Given the volatile nature of the global financial markets and the developing needs of investors, Charles van Deursen’s specialists rebalance portfolios so that the blend of assets in each account reflects the client’s goals.

Reporting and Supervision


Charles van Deursen’s first-in-class reporting system enables us to tailor the presentation of performance information for each investor by benchmarking every segment of a portfolio against the relevant index and to supervise the progress (or lack thereof) of each individual asset and the portfolio as a whole.