In terms of alternative opportunities we aim to provide our clients with compelling returns across multiple strategies ranging from private equities to distressed debt.

As long-term focused strategies, they aim to utilize the rising maturity level of emerging market countries by uncovering and investing in the driving factors that affect these economies.

Most important factors are: an increased consumer market and the development of the middle class with growing healthcare and energy requirements, which in turn are also driving an increase in trade in and amongst emerging market nations.

Designed for Results

Charles van Deursen’s alternative strategies offer clients a diversified portfolio of opportunities on regional, state and industry levels. We have the ability to take advantage of our international presence and global network designed for emerging markets efficiency.


We have pinpointed alternative investment strategies that hold an increased likelihood of developing the general anticipated profit of a portfolio, minimizing risk and making it far more resistant to different economic conditions.

We establish our investment process on confirmed fundamental research and a comprehensive understanding of the manner in which the markets work. The end result is a portfolio build to address the specific investment needs of every particular client.