Charles van Deursen’s dynamically managed long-term commodity strategy was created to offer extensive commodity exposure in international development trends and hedge opposing inflation by employing a risk-managed approach.

We provide a diversified portfolio of more than 20 commodities across several industry sectors, operating active allocations combined with strategic perspectives that are carefully managed on a consistent basis by our team of specialized portfolio managers.

Diversifying for Success

We consider that commodities are a one-of-a-kind asset class with beneficial risk vs. return features that provide tactical diversification advantages which other asset classes cannot. Inactive commodity investing is not precisely defined; exposure that is dependent on trading volume or productions, which is the case of principal commodity indices, can produce unforeseen sector and risk aggregation. Investing in commodities necessitates a dynamically managed strategy given the fact that the markets are affected by a variety of trends ranging from macro-economic to specific commodity determinants.

The way we operate is that we choose commodity investments following a two-stage procedure that aims to stabilize risk factors while offering an alternative and a diversified source of profit than conventional asset classes.