For investors around the world an increased secular development rate and diversified pic-up in emerging market nations are features that can provide an enticing risk vs. reward profile compared to countries in developed markets.

Charles van Deursen assesses previous data while focusing heavily on forward-looking information and future risk prognosis that could be affected by social or political events, policy or regulatory alterations and unexpected economic developments.

With an emerging market experience of 10 years, we deliver dynamic, long-term, absolute return as well as hedge funds solutions in terms of both sovereign and corporate debt.

How we handle debt

Our approach is to act and think in a similar manner to policy writers. By means of our in-house bottom-up research, we compose projections for sovereign credit debt and interest rates. By analyzing the interactions between these projections we build a better perspective of the probable results across multiple asset classes.


In terms of both liquidity and sheer dimension the corporate side of the emerging market world is considerably sizable and well developed. On the other hand, due to the long-standing lack of commitment from the investment community and the minute base of dedicated investor we consider that pricing inconsistencies still linger.

Our investment process established on fundamental, comprehensive and intense research is focused on pinpointing mispriced securities and to produce consistent alpha.