Given the rapidly-evolving investment environment of today, the true value of active asset management resides in the experience of our managers, namely the long-standing success of their investment prowess over multiple market cycles.

Charles van Deursen has been a dependable international equity manager for a suite of institutional and private clients through both bullish and bearish market environments and conditions.

Sustainable Profits

Our risk-adjusted equity investment strategies are designed to take advantage of developing positive trends while ensuring that assets are not affected by volatility or weak market cycles.

Towards this end we employ a time-tested investment process developed by our team of investment specialists that have been managing equity portfolios in all types of market conditions.


Beginning with fundamental bottom-up research and stock selection, our analysis takes into account profit sustainability and the stated financial statistics of the companies that we screen.

We monitor risk levels associated with industry and country concentrations by utilizing quantitative research techniques that allow our clients to diversify their portfolio. Charles van Deursen endeavors to identify businesses that are alluringly priced relative to their financial returns.