Charles van Deursen’s professional fixed income investment procedure, supported by our in-house management systems, allow us to provide a diverse suite of fixed income solutions designed to accomplish market demands for a consistent long-term performance and lead the fixed income industry with state-of-the-art innovations.

Charles van Deursen possesses a wide-range of resources dedicated to its fixed income competencies, with its specialists headquartered in Tokyo.

Our team of international fixed income portfolio managers, market and credit analysts work together to uncover fluctuations in basic credit fundamentals and appraise the risk-adapted allure of different fixed income opportunities.

Exposure & Security

In terms of fixed income investments, Charles van Deursen considers that the best risk-adapted profits can be accomplished by regulating a portfolio’s exposure to several kinds of bonds as a reaction to the conclusions of the team’s macro-economic research endeavors. Capital security, which is a fundamental aspect of the strategy, is aimed by means of diversification, risk mitigation and global market analysis. This approach is precisely described as top-down, with human resources and infrastructure committed to marco-economic research concentrated on sovereign debt in emerging as well as developed markets.